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Cheese hardly needs an introduction such is its fame and popularity. It was originally produced by crossing a particularly good, aromatic Skunk with Afghani #1. A 60% indica strain that produces dense buds with good levels of THC with medium CBD. Cheese is famous for its wonderfully cheese-y aroma and flavour but there's more to this marijuana strain than that; it has become a reference standard for weed within the UK as well as further afield. It grows well in all environments but caution should be exercised indoors where carbon filters will be necessary for most growers. Indoors SCROG gives the best yields with 525 gr/m2 possible in 50 - 60 days of flowering. It requires no special treatment or skill on the part of the gardener and is suitable as a beginner plant despite its obvious quality. The strong smell and taste of mature cheese, Skunk and spices is very apparent. THC production is in the range 9 - 14% with medium levels of CBD between 1 - 5%. The effect starts off quite cerebral before becoming more physically relaxing. It is a most pleasant smoke either alone or , more sociably, in a group of friends.


Strain: Hybrid

Breeder: Dinafem Seeds

Grow Time: 122 days

Flowering Type: Photoperiod