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Bubblelicious Auto


Auto Bubblelicious is a mostly indica cannabis strain that adds ruderalis genetics to the pink-bubblegum-flavoured Bubblelicious. It is a short plant that has great hybrid vigour and which produces resin-encrusted, sticky buds. Some specimens of this strain will also show pink colours in the buds alongside the bubblegum flavour. Once flowering has initiated, after about 3 weeks of vegetative growth, it will take somewhere in the region of 6 - 8 weeks before harvest is ready with yields being between 200 - 300 gr/m2. This strain produces medium levels of THC with high CBD production. Together with the aroma and flavour of sweet, pink bubblegum are floral and earthy notes. The effect is euphoric, uplifting and ultimately relaxing. Therapeutically it is recommended to treat symptoms of stress, depression and insomnia.


Strain: Indica

Breeder: Nirvana Seeds

Grow Time: 104 days

Flowering Type: Auto flowering