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Bubba Cheese Auto


Bubba Cheese Auto is an indica-dominant auto-flowering cannabis strain that was bred by crossing Bubba Kush, Cheese and a ruderalis plant. The best of the UK and the US in one 95% indica package. Bubba Cheese Auto is a perfect outdoor strain for where stealth is essential. Ideally the climate for outdoor cultivation is warm, dry temperate or Mediterranean but higher latitude summers may also be successful depending on the weather. It rarely exceeds one meter tall but nevertheless produces a good amount of dense, resinous buds. Yields will be approximately 60 gr/plant but this can be exceeded given good conditions and/or previous experience with growing autos. Lower latitude growers will be able to get as many as three crops a year, especially if plants are started indoors at the beginning of the season before being moved outside.The complete life-cycle of this strain is between 60 - 65 days from germination to harvest. Cheese strains are renowned for their pungent smell of mature, hard cheese and this facet is also found in Bubba Cheese Auto; a combination of ripe fruit and blue cheese is evident. THC production is between 13% - 17% with low CBD. The powerful effect is long-lasting and sees a nice balance between the physical and the cerebral.


Strain: Indica

Breeder: Humboldt Seed Organization

Grow Time: 113 days

Flowering Type: Auto flowering