Blue Checkmark

Blue Sherbert S1


Blue Sherbert (aka Blue Sherbet) is a colourful, sativa-dominant hybrid with a short flowering time. It is a cross of Blue Cookies and Sunset Sherbet which has an exotic taste and potent effect. In this version pollen has been supplied by another female plant that was "reversed" in order to produce pollen sacs for fertilisation and breeding. It can be grown indoors with indoor flowering surprisingly short for a plant which is 85% sativa at between 8 - 9 weeks. Yields are very good and come in at between 500 - 550 gr/m2. These plants turn a lovely dark blue/purple colour towards the end of flowering, all the more so if night-time temperatures drop markedly. The flavours of Blue Sherbert are very exotic. Its effect is very hard-hitting combining cerebral stimulation with physical relaxation.


Strain: Sativa

Breeder: The Plug

Grow Time: 125 days

Flowering Type: Photoperiod