Blue Checkmark

Blue Dream Auto


Blue Dream is the auto-flowering version of HSO's Blue Dream. It was created by adding Ruderalis genetics into the mix. It is a 70% sativa strain that will grow from seed to harvest in under 11 weeks. Blue Dream Auto displays the violet and purple shades of its photo-period sister. It is both nutrient and light hungry and will grow very well in any environment where these two essentials are supplied. Outdoors a dry, warm temperate or a Mediterranean climate are best suited although a greenhouse is also an option where the climate is a bit cooler or wetter. Indoors Blue Dream Auto will give yields of 30 - 90 gr. per plant in a total life-cycle of 70 - 75 days. Outdoors plants will grow to reach a height of 100 - 160 cm. and can yield as much as 150 gr. each. It has a citrus and noble wood perfume with citrus, cedar wood, sweet ripe fruits (blueberries) and the spiciness of Haze on the palate. THC production is 13% and this, together with its low CBD of 0.1% produces a powerful and long-lasting high which encourages lucid thoughts and conversation in a social setting.


Strain: Hybrid

Breeder: Humboldt Seed Organization

Grow Time: 123 days

Flowering Type: Auto flowering