Blue Checkmark

Blue Bullet Auto


Blue Bullet Auto is the former Sensi Research strain Sensi #119. This auto-flowering strain was bred by crossing Skunk #1 Auto with Blueberry. It is a plant which stays quite compact, thanks to its indica genes, and is a hardy plant which flourishes in cool climates. Yields are good and the effect immensely pleasurable. A great choice for the complete novice grower as they require little attention. Due to its compact dimensions Blue Bullet Auto is a good plant to grow discreetly in the garden or similar environment. Outdoor growers in warmer climate regions will be able to grow more than one crop per season. Alternatively autos are also successful indoors and are preferable for those with space restrictions. Flowering times are given as "average" which should translate into an approximate life-cycle of around 10 weeks from seed to harvest. They have a bushy structure and produce very decent yields if not exceptional ones. Its scent is a combination of fruity Blueberry with Skunk notes while the taste adds citrus notes. Its effect is a lovely blend of indica relaxation and sativa uplift, chatty and upbeat.


Strain: Hybrid

Breeder: Sensi Seeds

Grow Time: 118 days

Flowering Type: Auto flowering