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Bloody Skunk Auto


Bloody Skunk Auto results from crossing Sweet Skunk Auto with Red Poison Auto. The latter strain contributes a lovely purple colouration in approximately 90% of plants. This cup-winning cannabis strain has a typically Skunk structure, tall and with a fir-tree shape that produces a plethora of side-branches. It has a short life-cycle which sees the plants go from germination to harvest in around 8 weeks reaching a height of between 60 - 110 cm. Indoors yields are between 350 - 550 gr/m2. One large cola dominates but there are many dense clusters decorating the side-branches and they are all packed to the gills with resin. The quality of this strain is reflected in the fact that it has won cannabis competition awards both in Europe and in South America.


Strain: Hybrid

Breeder: Sweet Seeds

Grow Time: 104 days

Flowering Type: Auto flowering