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Biker Kush V 2.0


Biker Kush originated from a second back-cross (BX) of Karma Genetics' own HA-OG. A true heavyweight OG strain this will find favour with Kush lovers everywhere. Biker Kush plants display prodigious growth and a reasonable long flowering at between 9 - 11 weeks. Growers are recommended to stake their plants as the rock-hard buds develop a lot of mass such that the supporting branches can easily bend and eventually snap under the weight. Biker Kush exudes the familiar OG Kush perfume of pinesol floor cleaner with citrus notes and a warm, earthy Kush undertone. It is a highly potent strain that is sure to be a big hit!


Strain: Indica

Breeder: Karma Genetics

Grow Time: 139 days

Flowering Type: Photoperiod