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Aurora Green


Aurora Green Auto is a hardy autoflowering strain. It is 60% indica with 10% sativa and the remaining 30% comprising ruderalis genetics. It is a highly potent strain with pretty good yields for an auto. When grown indoors this plant will need 11 - 12 weeks to be fully mature and ready for harvest. yields can be as good as 300 - 400 gr/m2 from plants around 100 cm. tall. Although indica-dominant a feature of this strain is its long, thin leaves, much more reminiscent of sativa plants than indicas. Its bud to leaf ratio is high making harvesting and trimmimg a simple task that takes very little time. The flavour is rather earthy with notes of mint. THC production is high (15 - 20%) and CBD low and the effect really packs quite a punch being quite heavy and stoney. It is perfectly relaxing and makes a great accompaniment to watching a movie or listening to your favourite music.


Strain: Indica

Breeder: Sumo Seeds

Grow Time: 132 days

Flowering Type: Auto flowering