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Amnesia Haze


Amnesia Haze is a 80/20 sativa/indica hybrid cannabis strain that has garnered awards as well as a great reception from enthusiasts since 2012. Although a long-flowering strain it is relatively easy to grow, requiring patience more than anything else, with a reward of big yields of super-potent, cerebral buds. Amnesia Haze is a cross between a South Asian indica and a Cambodian land-race sativa. Its genetics provide it with great hybrid vigour and it can be grown very successfully indoors. Plants grow medium to tall with plenty of side-branching and plants take well to being trained. Staking is also advised towards the end of flowering so that the weight of the buds does not snap the branches. Flowering lasts up to 13 weeks with 11 - 12 being the average. Yields are very good at between 500 - 600 gr/m2. Citrus/lemon terpenes abound giving buds a deliciously citrus scent and taste with some background earthiness. THC levels go up to 20% and the effect is very uplifting and euphoric, inducing feelings of happiness. Therapeutically Amnesia Haze is recommended for helping with depression, stress and also for pain relief.


Strain: Sativa

Breeder: Nirvana Seeds

Grow Time: 160 days

Flowering Type: Photoperiod