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American Pie


American Pie is a delicious tasting hybrid with a psychedelic yet relaxing effect and these attributes have been preserved with this American Pie Auto version. The original is a hybrid of Power Plant and White Widow so you know that, with added ruderalis genetics, this is going to be an exceptional auto strain. High THC automatic plant. Auto American Pie is an adaptable plant that is not fussy about either the grow-system or the medium (substrate) used for its cultivation. Growing to 60 - 160 cm. tall it can deliver yields of 500 gr/m2 in approximately 60 days from the seedling stage. It owes its long, thin, sugary resin-soaked buds to the sativa dominance of its genetic make-up. The aroma and flavour of this weed is sweet and quite delicate. THC levels are high at 20% with its CBD reading of 0.6% the effect is very cerebral/psychedelic, uplifting yet at the same time relaxing. Time to grab a slice of some American Pie from Seedsman.


Strain: Sativa

Breeder: Pyramid Seeds

Grow Time: 108 days

Flowering Type: Auto flowering