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Casey Jones


Casey Jones Feminized is a robust and popular cannabis strain. Despite being 2/3 sativa, Casey Jones displays total indica dominance. She displays all the characteristics of a classic indica cannabis plant. Casey Jones can be grown with a minimal veg. time of under 3 weeks. Strong genetics have also given this plant a natural resilience to mould. Casey Jones is named after an heroic train driver and legendary American folk legend. This cannabis strain was originally a 3-way cross by Grateful Head. It is the link to the Trainwreck genetics which is credited as the reason behind this dedication to the legend. If grown well, Casey Jones can produce a very high yield with enormous top buds the size of your forearm. Growers are advised to allow plenty of room for these amazing plants.


Strain: Hybrid

Breeder: DHS

Grow Time: 102 days

Flowering Type: Photoperiod