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Big Buddha Cheese


Big Buddha Cheese has been a favorite in the UK and around Europe for over a decade. Renown for its signature cheese smell, this potent and aromatic indica-dominant hybrid produces euphoric and energetic effects. A perfect strain for a day out on the town or hanging out with your mates. Big Buddha Cheese is easy to grow and will keep you and your friends hanging out till the wee hours of the morning. In case you didn't know, Big Buddha Cheese won the first prize in the 2006 Cannabis Cup for the Seed Company Indica category. Needless to say it's a powerful, pungent strain that produces yields for days of crystal coated buds. The pale green nuggets have that classic cheese smell and make for a delicately sweet and spicy smoke. The high can be described as energetic and euphoric, while maintaining the relaxing effects of the indica genetics. Big Buddha Cheese will thrive in virtually any environment and will make a nice addition to your cannabis garden. GENETICS Big Buddha Cheese was born around the year 2004. A breeder named Big Buddha crossed UK Cheese, a famous “clone only” strain, with a pure Afghani indica. The result is the sweet and cheesy, profit-yielding Big Buddha Cheese. Afghani indicas are known for the heavy amount of resin they produce. In this case, the Afghani contributed to the flavor of Big Buddha Cheese; sweet and earthy flavors abound as a result. It also had a great impact on the relaxing and indica-heavy effects that Big Buddha Cheese produces. The heavy cheese odor that will fill your garden is a direct result of the UK Cheese influence. The essence of UK Cheese and its subsequent offspring comes from a Skunk lineage. That skunky flavor can be detected in Big Buddha Cheese especially when smoked or vaped. The heavy odor and aroma is a sure sign of the UK Cheese genetics. Big Buddha Cheese has a distinct balance of head and body high, very much like its indica-heavy parent. UK Cheese is a dense strain and that trait was certainly not skipped by Big Buddha Cheese. It's hard to ignore the impact that the UK Cheese has on the overall taste, scent and experience when smoking this strain. GROWING TRAITS Big Buddha Cheese will be ready for harvest at around 55 days into the flowering, however, allowing it an extra week could give it a boost in its final stage. It really comes down to preference. Outdoors this strain will be ready to be cut down by the end of October and will stretch out more than they will indoors. Manageable in height, they produce long dense colas with closely compacted buds. The odor will be strong, so you might want to consider that when planning your indoor grow. Big Buddha Cheese is an easy strain to grow and very forgiving of its environment. This makes it a perfect strain for beginner growers as well as seasoned gardeners alike. The Afghani genetics add a ruggedness that will allow it to adapt to its surroundings, just in case your space isn't ideal. The colas you'll see popping up above your canopy will truly impress. Pale green nuggets coated in crystal joy are what you can expect.


Strain: Hybrid

Breeder: Big Buddha Seeds

Grow Time: 91 days

Flowering Type: Auto flowering