Generic (Hybrid)

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Planted: Jul 27, 2020 (Day: 493)
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  • 14 Aug. 2020
  • 9:39 PM

    New grow journal. Switching grobo machines
  • 4:24 PM

    Late Vegetation (Day 6 / 14)

    While I anxiously wait for my new grobo unit to arrive, I couldn't stand looking at the yellow leaves anymore so I cleaned her up a bit this morning.
  • 12 Aug. 2020
  • 5:33 PM

    Late Vegetation (Day 4 / 14)

    Some bend and secure training while waiting on the new grobo to arrive
  • 07 Aug. 2020
  • 4:16 PM

    Early Vegetation (Day 11 / 14) - Topping Day

    Topped her 6th node today
  • 05 Aug. 2020
  • 10:49 PM

    Early Vegetation (Day 9 / 14)

    With the grobo broken, I need to manually monitor the PH daily for now, not sure if i can trust the grobo. The 6th node is growing, Will probably top her this Friday
  • 04 Aug. 2020
  • 8:13 PM

    Early Vegetation (Day 8 / 14)

    So the grobo drain / fill malfunctioned. I contacted support and they indicated that its a software issue and will take a few days to address. In the meantime they gave me a recipe to support my plant during week 2 of veg. Bottle 3 (Grow Micro) - 10 ml into reservoir (1ml/l) Bottle 4 (Bloom Macro) - 10 ml into reservoir (1ml/l) Bottle 5 (Cal Mag) - 10 ml into reservoir (1ml/l)
  • 1:37 AM

    Early Vegetation (Day 7 / 14)

    Installed a Active Aqua 1/10 HP water chiller today with a sub water pump
  • 02 Aug. 2020
  • 5:24 AM

    Early Vegetation (Day 6 / 14)

    Started some secure and bend lst. I am supposed to bend the stems away from the center to open up the branches and bud sites I bent the branch on the 3rd node
  • 31 Jul. 2020
  • 11:25 PM

    Early Vegetation (Day 4 / 14) - Support Ticket

    Thank you for providing us with information. Here is what we advise moving forward: "It's been super hot lately and I have been rotating iced water bottles to keep water temp down until a water chiller I ordered arrives. So, I add 5ml of hydroguard and 1/2 tsp of B-52 to my RO water 1, I then lower the PH to 6 before filling the grobo." Excellent idea with the iced water bottles. A great tactic to fend off root rot. Please do NOT add B-52 to your system, nor lower the pH of your water before filling your Grobo. This is overdosing the reservoir, which will make the system not be able to regulate effectively once full due to the EC being too high. Why? A too high EC (i.e. too many additives) triggers the system to stop adding Bottle 1 and 2, as you wouldn't turn on the AC if you're house was on fire, right? That's the metaphor we like to use for this case. "I also have some nute burns showing up on the 2 first developed leaves, do you have any suggestions to address this?" The tip burn is likely due to your plant beginning to feel the effects of "nutrient lockout." This phenomenon happens when you overdose the plant's reservoir, giving it too much food. It quits eating at that point, leading to tip burn or -at its worse- severe discolouration. Moving forward, we recommend conducting a drain and fill without ANY additives or pH adjustment by you as soon as you can; then, shoot us a message so we can see how your pH looks in a "normal" environment. In between your next drain and fills, we also recommend adding 1-2 cups of RO or distilled water to lessen the concentration of your reservoir. This makes for an 'easier' meal for your plant. Let us know when you can. Always happy to help :) Sincerely, Grobo Support
  • 5:50 PM

    Early Vegetation (Day 4 / 14) - Since my plant seems too young to handle any of the new nute. Were going to keep the dates consistent with grobo (-3 days)

    I had to re-calibrate my PH probe 3 times since receiving the grobo. This raises concerns so I sent a support ticket to Danielle and she asked for the following photos and mentioned she does not think its a probe issue. Hopefully its just user error, this is a learning experience I also asked her about the nute burns, hopefully we have a solution for that
  • 29 Jul. 2020
  • 5:04 AM

    Early Vegetation (Day 4 / 14)

    The brown spots are starting to show up. Community thinks its nute burns and i shouldnt worry. looking online, it could also be sunburn. I did change my light schedule and it was really hot over the weekend, this could have cause it. Will have to continue to monitor and send in a support ticket if needed.
  • 28 Jul. 2020
  • 3:06 AM

    Early Vegetation (Day 3 / 14)

    Today is technically Day 3 / 14 of veg. I had to change the recipe to Generic Hybrid. Most places says MK Ultra is indica however ILGM says its an hybrid. So, were using a hybrid recipe now.